PoKeys 57U does not care

Mach3 plugin does not support backlash compensation feature implemented in Mach3 software. Pokeys has it´s own implementation of Backlash compensation built in the pulse engine.Therefore, you must configure the backlash compensation via PoKeys software.Open Pulse engine settings in the PoKeys application, then

  • enable the backlash compensation (top left)
  • set the acceleration (Polabs suggests setting it to 1)
  • set the backlash width (in pulses)
  • save settings

Once enabled, the backlash compensation is always active (also during jogging).

Backlash correction not working?

Mach3 Backlash settings – no need to fill it out or do anything … Pokeys does not change / read / write or does anything else to these settings.

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  1. Thanks for summarizing, i had the same issue ..
    Was wondering why nothing happens by changing parameters in mach3.

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